Success Stories

Building Relationships

As a candidate, Tim Houghton was a cut above the rest.

His resume was compelling. He had a degree from Oxford.  And he had participated in an Eli Lilly Training Program.

Cuddy was able to identify a connection between Tim’s risk-taking style and how it was paying off as he worked his way up the management chain, while increasing revenue along the way.

Competent, confident and capable, this candidate embraced technology despite uncertain returns on investment. In fact, he brought in over 7 million in sales in his first year at Nuvis.

Now the CEO of P/S/L Education Group, Tim is known for his “Think Tank” mentality and strategic vision.

Cuddy has had a 10-year relationship with Tim.


The Right Stuff

After one year of seeing a flow of unsuitable candidates, WebMD selected Cuddy Associates to work on an exclusive retained search to fill a challenging role.

Cuddy identified a candidate who worked as a product and brand manager combined with nine years of experience with Sudler & Hennessy.  Cuddy was able to articulate the opportunity on the spot based on first-hand knowledge of WebMD’s goals, target customer, and industry challenges.

Cuddy's relationship with WebMD was so strong that the company was able to have the job redesigned in order for this candidate to consider the position.

This candidate has wowed WebMD since being hired. This West Coast superstar’s name has now became a benchmark for the qualifications and performance required of future candidates.


Identifying Talent

Cuddy develops relationships with top players in the marketplace, especially those with leadership qualities. Cuddy offers professional guidance when talent is faced with obstacles such as mergers, acquisitions, culture, and direction.

The Cuddy Philosophy is to follow the pulse of top talent so when challenges do occur, Cuddy will be the go-to firm.

Cuddy identified stellar candidate, Chris Shipp, a rare but desirable combination of a market researcher that could sell. 

Cuddy introduced Chris to P/S/L Research – a perfect fit for his unique skill set.