I started working with Patrice in 1999, where she helped me make my first sales hire at WebMD/Medscape. While building the sales organization at WebMD, Patrice was a true partner and never wasted my time with sub-adequate candidates. I always joked with her that she was an “outside” salesperson for us as she knew our solutions, our business and our customer situations so well.

CUDDY delivered a number of sales leadership superstars over the years – both in the US and globally – some of whom started as multimillion dollar producers and today are running large teams with significant revenue.

We have a truly collaborative, long-term and intense partnership, due to the speed at which I work and the direct nature of the relationship. CUDDY Associates consistently produces high-quality candidates quickly.
— Dorothy Gemmell, President, Havas Life New York
The team at Cuddy Associates has a gift for identifying strategic new career opportunities for their candidates across the globe. They are extremely responsive, professional and supportive. Since my start at the company over 4.5 years ago they have recruited incredibly qualified employees for our Global team who have proven to be a fantastic fit. It’s a true pleasure to work with them. I have recommended them to many colleagues and will continue to recommend them.
— Christine Ghione, Senior Director, Global Strategic Accounts, Web MD
Patrice placed me in one of my previous positions, at the time one of the first companies of its kind in the US. I later used CUDDY to assist in securing top talent. CUDDY Associates has been very effective for getting interest from passive candidates and is an excellent partner that helps close the deal. Patrice is driven, persistent and I can count on her to identify, engage and put forward great talent. CUDDY is one of the best in the business.
— Elys Roberts, President Ipsos Marketing
Patrice goes deep when preparing candidates so that individuals understands the personalities involved, the potential of the role and the organization she is representing. She is upfront, businesslike, friendly and straightforward. I never felt I could not ask her a question or raise a concern. Patrice was instrumental in bringing all parties together, managing expectations and moving the process forward when I was placed as Group President North America and Europe at P/S/L Group as the mandate was not fully formed initially. Once hired, I went on to use CUDDY to build my teams. I have worked with many professionals in recruitment and Patrice is one I consistently recommend to others. She is clearly passionate about what she does, demonstrates the persistence required to keep the process moving and is supportive in her advice and judgment on opportunities and candidates presented.
— Paul Barnes Senior Vice President, Healthcare GfK
CUDDY Associates is determined to get to know the people they’re working with— and for — on a deeper level than most others in the business.

Patrice was passionate about making sure that I knew the position at WebMD was a good match for me. Before WebMD, I was rising at The Boston Consulting Group in 2004 and I wasn’t actively looking. But CUDDY engaged me and did a great job of managing expectations in terms of what the WebMD culture would be like and the details of the role.

After I was hired at WebMD, I started working with Patrice to help us find candidates. I found she always asks the right questions to make sure she fully understands the situation at the company. Today, I consider Patrice a trusted advisor.

CUDDY Associates has accomplished reaching a high level of transparency and honesty. They deliver value by placing the right candidate in the right position at the right time.
— Tracy Hankin, Senior Vice President, Consumer Markets, WebMD
CUDDY is a great partner. Patrice is a highly ethical, motivated, skilled recruiter who takes the time to understand the company, its culture, the team and the direct manager she is working with to identify the right fit. She truly collaborates and digs to thoroughly understand the situation and ultimately finds the right piece of the puzzle. CUDDY has helped us identify industry veterans with highly specific qualifications from specific disease and competitive brand expertise, etc. CUDDY works diligently to offer a number of qualified candidates so that we have options and while at Biogen, CUDDY enabled us to build a high caliber team with key skill sets and experience, some from direct competitors. I work with CUDDY Associates because I have tremendous confidence that they will work tirelessly to fill our roles, leveraging their industry knowledge, network and skill. Further, being associated with Patrice’s character represents our organization well within the market.
— Allen Kamer Chief Commercial Officer, Optum Analytics
Working with CUDDY Associates is like having a really accurate and smart GPS. You may think you have a sense of where you want to go… But, with Patrice you’ll get there via the most direct route…and maybe even arrive at a better destination. Patrice conveys great candor and command. She quickly impressed me with her mastery of the hiring organization – who they were, what motivated them, painting a high definition picture of their culture and the key attributes of candidates that not only fit there, but thrived. She didn’t sugarcoat anything, but laid out the good, the bad and the ugly. She then got to know me, as well, and it gave me a great confidence that she would similarly portray my strengths and key attributes back to them - and she did. I needed growth and recognized that I was ready for a leadership role and CUDDY helped me to take that next step, marrying my experience, skill set and passion. Although the initial position we discussed was not a fit, Patrice brought two worlds together leveraging my strengths and aligning them with the organization’s needs, crafting a role from scratch that was incredible. I was able to make an immediate impact and yet grow over time. CUDDY made the right connection for the company, for me, for the time. It was a strong fit and one that lasted for many years. Patrice’s rigor and early diplomatic efforts helped to ensure that. I climbed the corporate ladder with CUDDY Associates. I got to the leadership rung and was able to take on a vast set of responsibilities and learn new skills in the process.
— Todd Kolm (placement and candidate) Currently SVP Strategy and Insights Wego Healthcare Placed in 1999-2009 President DGNN Business Unit 2009-2013 Pfizer Director of Emerging Channel Strategy 2013-2014 Sanofi Vice President and Head of Global Digital Strategy
Patrice recruited me for my position at P/S/L. What impressed me as a candidate was her ability to look at the potential of the position and match the candidate as a person as well as a skill set so the organization and the candidate could form a long- term relationship.”

When I was Chief Medical Officer at P\S\L Group, CUDDY Associates recommended several candidates who were exceptional and quickly rose to take over responsibilities in CME as well as promotional products. The individuals she suggested were always of a high caliber and many of them turned out to be stars who were able to go above and beyond the position they were hired for.
— Dr. Aman Shah Elsevier, Executive Publisher of Online Content Worldwide
I was at a point in my career where I wanted a challenge. I wanted to be part of a startup that was tied to a global company. CUDDY Associates found an opportunity that checked off all my boxes.

Having been a candidate first, I knew that Patrice had the interests of both the candidate and the client in mind for each opportunity. I had no reservation in recommending CUDDY to management as a resource as I knew they provide excellent service.
— Lois Smith, Director of Sales, Bulletin Healthcare
Fluent in the biotech arena. CUDDY Associates was instrumental in placing me at BiogenIdec 8 years ago. With the right network in place, CUDDY identified an opportunity that was a perfect match for my background and as a result my career has taken off in the Pharma/Biotech space.
— Kristen Arent, Associate Director Business Insights at BiogenIdec April 2007 - present
CUDDY Associates is a very professional and knowledgeable firm. As a global candidate, Patrice was dedicated and devoted to translating my needs to the company that ultimately became my employer. I relied heavily on her guidance and she was on target in terms of sharing insight and understanding on getting to know this US based company. Patrice managed cultural nuances well and was an effective communicator throughout the negotiation process. I was impressed by how well prepared I was for the interview environment and as a result, landed a position with a global eHealthcare company where I have excelled. This company has increased my ambition and willingness to improve in my career in a much faster way than before. I have brought in a considerable amount of new business in areas where there wasn’t any business, landing 25 new accounts to date, increasing awareness of my firm in EU even driving expanding into LATAM. I have started up business in a new region (with low budgets) from scratch, from $0 to +$1M in three years. I have made significant collaborations with external organizations, e.g. societies, accrediting bodies and added a large new team of experts to the company’s portfolio. I have continuously learned new things in the last three years from many people, my manager, colleagues and external people. CUDDY Associates made a great match through a personalized relationship with their clients and getting to know me as a candidate, too.
— Senior Director Ehealthcare in EU and LATAM placement/candidate