Our Process

We bring our history of placement expertise, industry knowledge and established personal relationships to each assignment.


At CUDDY, we start the executive search process by understanding every detail about your: 

INDUSTRY – Evolution, composition, market trends, growth prospects
BUSINESS – Competitive position, long and short-term goals, strategies and tactics
ORGANIZATION – Structure, decision-making process, internal environment and dynamics
EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT – Leadership style, growth avenues, culture


Our team researches target companies and identifies candidates who align with your ideal profile.  We customize a strategy and timeline for each client and assignment.  Our adept ability to swiftly provide insight, competitive intelligence and top-tier candidates is a result of significant reach with established long-term relationships while simultaneously utilizing the most innovative sourcing technology and techniques.


Our network is constantly evolving and expanding. Due to our respected reputation our industry contacts are wide, deep and viable. We are adept at engaging qualified passive candidates.


Our systematic approach allows us to identify, screen and land the candidates you demand.   We leverage technology and take the time to engage in many live conversations to get to the right talent.


We align with our candidates on a professional and personal level.   Our ability to negotiate and close is exceptional and reflects the foundation established with our clients from the start. 


We manage the process after the hire to ensure expectations are met and all parties are happy.  Our history of retention is a testimonial to the successful philosophy we implement.